My Bucket List

These are the top ten things that I want to do before I leave this earth.

Bucket List Charm And Letters
  1. Travel to Wales with my sister Tracy
  2. Take a train trip across the country
  3. Go on a cruise to the Mediterranean with my husband Greg (adults only)
  4. Get a Great Dane and name it Beauregard (Beau)
  5. Get an orange cat and name it Tangerine
  6. Open my own shop and give crochet classes
  7. I would like to see New Orleans
  8. Finish my novel
  9. See an Adele concert
  10. Get well enough to do all of these things on my bucket list.


I think I have finally found a permanent home. There are so many different blogging sites and I experimented with a bunch of them. I will be sticking around here for a while, so sit back and get ready to read some short stories. I had previously called my blog “After The Frost” but it just wasn’t clicking any more. We’ll see how this goes.