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My Minds Eye

Day 18

My Minds Eye

Was looking for some memberies

When I was conkatose.

Dreamagining that I could

Flapify my wingerflippers

In my minds eye

I was aware of swoopflapping

And I could see me sleepnoozing

In the bed with a snigglemuse on my face

I flew away frolicsome

In my minds eye

A Letter To My Love

Day 16

A Letter To My Love

My dearest husband,

How could you know

That so many years would go by.

And our love would still

Be fresh and new.

Like it was when we first met

I knew from our very first walk.

That we would grow old together

And look at us now.

Twenty-two years and counting

Our love is still alive.

I wish us many more happy

Years my love.

Only you can fill my heart

With such joy.

Till the end of time,

Your loving wife.

It Was Just A Dream

Day 13

It Was Just A Dream

I often wake and don’t know where I am,

I’m confused and I sit up. It was just a dream.

When I sit and fall into a daze, my eyes are glazed,

I’m in a feverish pitch. It was just a dream.

I walk down the street, feeling some de`ja` vu.

Got to say vibes are intense. It was just a dream.

All the despair, remorse, elation, sorrow, warmth

and shame. Was it real? No. It was just a dream.

I Matter

Day 10

I Matter

She taught me that I matter.

That someone cared.

Even if I never saw her again,

Her words would stay with me.

One simple act of kindness

Made all the difference in

A little girls life.

The whole year I felt like

I was somebody special.

Even after the year was over

And I went on,

All I had to do was remember that

I matter.

Lava Lamps

What is it about a lava lamp that attracts a person to watch in complete wonder? I have always been fascinated with them since I was a teen and made my way into my first Spencers Store at our local Mall. There were plenty of other things there that caught my eye, but none of them as much as the Lava Lamps.

While looking around on E-bay a few months ago, I saw them and decided why not. I got my first Lava Lamp!! I was so excited the day I got it that I almost dropped it.  Silly I know, but what can I say.


This has given me a sense of going back to a time when things were much simpler. When you could leave your doors open in the summer and let the cool breeze come in. When you could sit outside after dark and not be afraid.

I love my Lava Lamp. Try one and see if it doesn’t do the same for you. We all need to dream a little.