The Landfill (Earth)

Day 26

The Landfill (Earth)

From the eyes of some Alien Nation

They come across a landfill

Mounds and mounds of trash and stench

They look at each other

Their long tapering fingers

Scratching their heads in wonder

Without the need for speech

They communicate their dislike

To each other and wonder how

Or why earth people choose

To live this way

If they would only listen

It is so easy to live without

All of the trash and stench

This disposable society in

Which they choose to live

Is so unnecessary

This Alien Nation tried so

many years ago to help

this earth colony to no avail

Once again they looked

At each other, shook their heads

And flew back to their home

After all, it is their choice

They know we exist and choose

To ignore the warning signs

Let them live in their

Trash and their stench

Earth Day Acrostic – Don’t Let Me Die

Day 22

Earth Day Acrostic – Don’t Let Me Die

Earnestly show you mean to help

Accountability, no more lies

Return to me my seas of kelp

Turn blue once again my skies

Help me to grow my plains of wheat
Destroy not my mountains so high

Anger me not with your words so sweet

You  have worn out your welcome this time
Endearing to me are words that are true

Allow me a fate that is lasting

Remember that I am all there is

Today is all I can spare without wasting away

Help me before it’s too late

Dare to do what is right

Arm yourself for the fight

You can do it if only you try, Oh please hear my cries   tear


I don’t want to die.




What Makes You Think I Care?

Day 21

What Makes You Think I Care ?

A phrase often heard when I was young

It seemed to easily roll off the tongue

It was meant to hurt whoever heard

The direction of the words observed

By the speaker who had the upper hand

The say so, the rules and strength to grandstand

Words can often hurt more than any other

Things that can be done by another

The words were often meant to scare

What makes you think I care?

Where Did I Go Wrong With My Love

Day 11

Like a bolt of lightening

Has struck my heart

Not knowing where or when

I should have tried harder

Tried a different type of

Discipline when small

Where did I go wrong with my love

When young it was so easy

To correct and address wrong doing

As a teen you start seeing problems

Wondering how to get their attention

To get them moving in the right direction

Chastisement is a joke as you see

Their eyes glaze over and you know

That they are not listening so you stop

Where did I go wrong with my love

Calls come in the middle of the night now

No longer can he resist he needs help

But the calls come not to talk or ask advice

Just calling for money or getting out of trouble

Is the norm these days and just like that

They cease to exist and leave no trace

Where did I go wrong with my love

The Bed

Day 7

The Bed

It all comes back to me now,

So long ago that it almost

seems insignificant.

But it is very much the

reason why I am so afraid

of letting my arm or leg

slide over the edge of the bed.

My brother, at the urging of

our mother, hid under my bed.

Waiting quietly, patiently for me

to get ready for bed.

At last I was ready. I got into bed,

Put my covers on and of course

my doll fell to the floor.

I reached over the edge of the bed

my arm stretching to get my doll.

When all at once I felt a hand!

Grabbing my wrist, it was cold,

and I screamed as loud as my little

voice could. The hand would not

let go. I was terrified.

At last my mother came in laughing

and the hand let go.

My brother came out from under the bed

ran to our mother and started laughing

with her. I was crying uncontrollably, balled up

against the wall.

“Don’t be such a baby!” “Can’t you take a joke?”

The voice I heard was that of my mother.

The last thing I heard that night was the door

closing and the laughter.

I quietly sobbed myself to sleep.

Never again did I let any part of me

hang over the edge of The Bed.