Caroline’s Kite (From Spookfest)

This is one of the stories that I did for last years Spookfest. Watch for it this year! I’ll let you know when it begins. You are in for a real treat. It is a combination of four very different very talented writers and artists. I love writing for Spookfest!


Caroline’s Kite

Caroline started her day just like any other. She woke up to the smell of bacon frying. Snuggled all warm in her bed she turned over and tried to go back to sleep. It was no use, once she smelled the bacon, it was all over. She heard her mom walking up the steps and call to her that breakfast was ready. Jumping out of bed and running to the bathroom, Caroline brushed her teeth and got ready to start her day. She decided to wear her red shorts. They were her lucky ones. Her mom told her she was silly, but every time she wore them, something happened and something was not always good.

After her breakfast, Caroline went out to the porch and got her kite. She had left it in the corner by her favorite chair. It was a hanging basket that her grandmother had gotten for her 4th birthday. The kite was from her grandfather. He had made the kite just for her and every year he would put on a new tail and repair the red paper if it needed it. Caroline was ten years old now and both of her grandparents had been gone since she was eight. But still, the kite got a new tail and was repaired.

She was very protective of her kite. No one but her was allowed to touch it. Caroline started taking the kite every where with her. It didn’t matter where. Finally, her mother had enough and told Caroline that the kite would have to go.

Caroline didn’t say anything to her mother, but calmly went out to the field behind the house where she normally flew the kite. Her mother was on the porch watching her. Caroline beckoned her mother out to her and she came. Smiling sweetly at her mother, she handed her the kite string. As soon as she took hold of the string, she knew that something was happening. She looked at Caroline with fright and again she got that strange sweet smile.

“No mother. The kite doesn’t have to go. You do.”

With those words came a flash of light and the kite carried her mother away.

Later that evening, Caroline’s father came home to find her sitting on the porch steps holding her kite. She was smiling so sweetly. He asked about her mother, but Caroline just shook her head. Her father looked everywhere for her mother, but was not found. She was never seen again.

Her father knew somehow what had happened but never spoke of it. He just knew that Caroline was happy. His father (Caroline’s grandfather) had a way of making things he didn’t like disappear.

How Do You Know?

How do you know?

How do you know when it is real or just a dream?

When you are running as fast as you can and still you hear it chasing you

so you run faster.

If it’s a dream, then why do you feel that little breeze

across your cheek like you are being softly touched as it passed you?

Why do you feel the fingers of fear running up and down your spine if

it is just a dream?

The sweat is running down your face soaking your shirt, you sit on the curb for just

a minute to collect your thoughts when you see a shadow in the street light.

The shadow moves toward you slowly at first then it picks up speed so you

get up and start running again.

You notice that the sky is getting lighter. It will be dawn soon, but that doesn’t stop

the shadow. It keeps coming.

All of a sudden you recognize your street and soon you see your house. You

run up the steps and unlock your door as quickly as you can. You are safe inside.

When you awaken, you lay there to collect your thoughts. Then you remember

your dream. Sitting up on the side of the bed, you see your running shoes, your

shirt is thrown across the chair.

Getting up, you check your shoes and they are wet and muddy and your shirt

is soaked. You gather them up to throw in the wash and out of the corner

of your eye, you see a shadow move quickly across the room.

Was it real, or just a dream? How do you know?

Winter Time Fun For You and Your Kids

Here are a couple of different ways you and your young ones can have a fun crafty day. You can make something to feed the birds!

Please feel free to copy this story and instructions. You have my permission. If you like the story, please leave a comment.  Thanks!  Happy Crafting.



Winter is here. Snow is blanketing the ground and covering the bare trees with a brilliant coat of white. The crisp cold air is blowing and Jack Frost is painting your window panes.

Everyone knows that a good meal will help to keep you warm when you go out into the cold.  But how about something to eat for our fine-feathered friends, the birds?  Did you ever stop to think what the birds do in the wintertime for food?  Unlike spring and summer when seeds and berries are plentiful, there isn’t much for the birds to eat in the winter.  We can help keep the birds fed during the cold winter months.  Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:


Two or three pine cones

Peanut butter (crunchy or smooth)

Wild bird seed or black sunflower seeds


You will also need a spoon and a small bowl, an old pie pan, two or three pieces of yarn (about twelve inches each), and a piece of aluminum foil or wax paper (about twelve inches)

Lay the pine cones on the sheet of wax paper or aluminum foil.

Take a piece of the yarn and tie it around the stem of one of the pine cones.  If  the pine cone doesn’t have a stem, tie the yarn around the smallest end.

Get a big spoonful of the peanut butter and smear it on the pine cone.  Put enough on so that the seeds will stick.

Mix the bird seed and raisins in the pie pan.  You don’t need many raisins, a handful will do.

Roll your pine cone in the seed mixture until it is covered with seeds.

Lay the pine cone on the wax paper or aluminum foil, and repeat the steps until you have as many pine cone feeders as you want.

Put the pine cones in the freezer for a few hours until the peanut butter gets hard.

Have a grown-up help you hang the feeders on a tree branch or any place that won’t be in the way.

This is the easy part–having fun watching the birds enjoy the feast!



Suet is the hard fat from beef, and you can have Mom or Dad help you find it in just about any supermarket.  You will need:

A piece of suet

A nylon bag (the kind onions come in)

A piece of yarn (one about twelve inches long and another about six inches long)

Here is how you make the suet feeder:


Put a piece of suet inside the nylon bag.

Tie the top of the bag closed with the six inch piece of yarn.

Tie the other piece of yarn to the top of the bag.

Find someone to help you hang your suet feeder.


If you really like watching the birds throughout the winter, you don’t have to stop feeding them when the cold weather is over.  The birds will eat at your feeders all year long.  The birds will be happy and well fed, and you will continue to have the pleasure of listening to their wonderful songs.


Fun But Important Facts:

Never put peanut butter on your pine cones without the birdseed.  Believe it or not, peanut butter will stick in the bird’s throat and make it choke.  The birdseed will help them to swallow the peanut butter.

Don’t feed birds sugar-coated cereal or salted snack foods.  It isn’t good for them. Instead, offer them some sliced apples cut into small pieces.  It’s a much healthier treat. And it will keep your new bird friends happy.





The Call

This #flashfiction story was written from a prompt taken out of a  book by Jason Sacher called “The Amazing Story Generator.”  I am going to have a lot of fun with this book. There are so many different combinations that it will take a very long time to get through it. So…get ready for some very different stories.  I hope that you like them. It’s not the type of story that I usually write, but I like it. This book will help me get away from the norm for me and get me into different styles of writing.

DSCF6571                 DSCF6573

The Call

What am I going to do?  I have to get my affairs in order.  If I let my boss know that I only have a week to live, I will be let go.  My family will starve. We will be homeless.  I can not tell anyone. Not even my wife and son.  It will be bad enough when it happens. They do not need the worry now.  Not with it happening so soon. 

I will continue going to work as always. I must pay more attention to my wife and son. Not too much of course or they will suspect something is wrong. The funny thing is that I feel fine. I have never felt better, but the doctor was so sure.  I had gone in for my yearly required check up. He said that I had a disease of the blood. Nothing could be done. It was too late.  I begged him not to say anything and he said that since the time was so short that he would not tell the authorities.

In the days ahead, I started writing letters to my wife and son to read after my demise. I kept my normal 12 hour days at work and went to required meetings.  By day five, I was ready to give up. I could not stand keeping this news from my wife. I decided to tell her after I got home from work that day.

After eating lunch at my desk, my phone rang.  I picked it up and answered. To my surprise, it was my doctor. He said that a great mistake had been made and that the records had been mixed up. Good news! Once again, I would keep all of this to myself. I could not express my feelings or my joy, but it was enough.

I was not going to die after all. I was the picture of health. After getting this news I would be a new man. As much as I would be allowed.  After all, I was living in North Korea.